The time has come for married white women to begin reparations to all black men. This is something that should be required of all white couples that the husband should allow his wife to cuckold him with any black man that may desire her. She should always allow BBC brothas to fuck her bareback and deposit their black seed deep in her womb. She should also require her cucked hubby to get a vasectomy and have his little penis locked in a chastity cage, to be only let out in accordance with any black bulls that she takes commands from. If the cuckold is ever allowed to fuck his wife (which shall be discouraged) it shall always be while wearing a condom. The small amount of cum that he produces into the condom he shall be required to eat. . .

9th January 2013

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    Focus on the strikes on your bum. Do NOT rub your pussy against the bench. Or you will regret it. Understand?
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